Metabolism Diet: Foods That Increase Metabolism

By | October 18, 2010

Besides exercising, there are certain foods (and drinks) that can increase metabolism and accelerate fat loss. If you are already following a workout program and nutritional plan, these metabolism boosters can give you an edge and enhance your fat burning results.

1. Green tea

Studies have shown that green tea has thermogenic properties. It increases energy expenditure (metabolism) and fat oxidation. The weight loss effect is due to the combination of catehin polyphenols and caffeine in green tea.

2. Red hot pepper

Capsaicin, the compound which causes heat in hot peppers, can increase metabolism. As it enhances thermogenesis, more calories are burned. Capsaicin also reduces appetite so you eat less.

Not many people can tolerate the burn of hot chilli peppers on their mouth. It is also difficult to get enough capsaicin from diet to benefit from its fat burning effect.

progade metabolism, metabolism foods, metabolism boostersPrograde has come up with a simpler way to increase your metabolism in the form of a dietary supplement called Prograde Metabolism.

It contains capsaicin, green tea extract, cinnamon and caffeine. These 4 ingredients have been proven to increase calorie burning rate.

For each of the ingredients, Prograde have selected the appropriate dosage that is effective for increasing metabolism and calories burned. Prograde Metabolism is designed for is for those who intend on using it as an effective adjunct to a calorie controlled diet and a regular exercise program. When used in this manner, the results you experience are likely to be much, much greater.

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3. Lean protein

Protein has the highest thermic effect of all macronutrients. It increases metabolism as it takes more energy (and time) to digest protein than carbs or fat.

Protein requires 30% of its calories for digestion and processing. So for every 100 calories of protein that you eat, your body burns 30 calories just for digesting it. Hence, the net calorie intake is only 70 calories.

Protein increases satiety and doesn’t cause insulin spikes like carbs. This macronutrient is also essential for building muscle and preventing muscle loss in our bodies. Lean muscle increases the resting metabolic rate so you burn calories even at rest!

The best source of protein is from lean meat.prograde protein, best protein powder

If you are not a meat eater or for ease of convenience, you can consume a high quality protein powder such asĀ Prograde Protein. Unlike most protein powders that contain artificial sweeteners (see my previous post on How Artificial Sweeteners Are Making You Fat), Prograde Protein is naturally sweetened with stevia. It is cold pressed to preserve the whey molecular structure. It contains Branched Chain Amino Acid Leucina to increase metabolism, muscle growth and fat loss.

Besides drinking it as a shake, protein powder can be added to pancake, oatmeal, smoothies and yogurt.

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